One of the main drivers of Elizabeth’s decision to run for State Senate was the lack of success seen with job creation in this district.  Better jobs mean a better economy. We need to attract young workers to come to, and stay in, the 6th district. This is not a Republican issue or Democratic issue.  This is about bringing prosperity to the area. She will seek out problem solvers in Richmond, regardless of what party they are in. 

Right to Work

As a small businesswoman, Elizabeth knows that Right to Work enables an employee’s right to unionize while respecting those who wish to abstain.  Policies such as Right to Work have helped make Virginia a top ranked state for business. To bring prosperity to the 6th district, we must support our businesses and employees.


People need easier access to lifesaving cures and the government should not be in the way of innovations.  Costs are too high and access is limited in the rural areas of our district.  We need more options for coverage and care. This includes access to mental health care and addiction care. Opioids have taken too many lives in our community and we must reach across the aisle to create a common sense solution. We need someone to go fight for change.   

K-12 Education

This is our future.  We must keep a focus on innovation in our schools and making the area appealing for the best teachers to want to work here.  Elizabeth will be an advocate for Virginia’s school voucher program in Richmond. 

Secondary Education

Costs are skyrocketing for secondary education.  Whether a student’s pathways lead to a four-year institution or a career tech program, we must invest in our future workforce. We are lucky to have many secondary education programs across the district and must support them and their students. 



We must improve our flood prevention measures.   We must improve our economy to be able to fund even more advanced measures.   If you believe in climate change or not, we can all agree that what puts us in the strongest position to make necessary changes, or respond to a natural disaster, is a strong economy.  That is what drives plans, innovations and improvements.  

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Thank you to the Northampton GOP for hosting a wonderful meet and greet last night! ...

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September 11, 2001 forever changed our country and our world. Let us remember the heroes, survivors and the thousands of lives that were senselessly lost on that day. We will never forget. ...

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I had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones in Accomack County today.

A special thanks to our hosts Sonny, Leslie, and Ian Lewis and Tina Martin!

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September 11, 2001 forever changed our country & our world. Let us remember the heroes, survivors & the thousands of lives that were senselessly lost on that day. We will never forget.

Happy #LaborDay! Today is dedicated to the hardworking Americans that contribute to the prosperity of the U.S. A big thank you to our selfless first responders, healthcare personnel & law enforcement officers who are working today to keep us safe. #VAlege #VAsen #VApolitics

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve @MarForRes was founded on this day 103 years ago. Since then, they have served as a #ReadyRelevantResponsive force to the Marine Corps. #USMCR #VAlege #VAsen #VApolitics

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